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It's just a list! And that's all it will be until you decide that you would like it to be something more! If you choose to expand your list to something more, you will have the option to add modules that will be useful for you and your company. Trust us, you will be pleasantly surprised by what we developed to help your business to grow.

Client list

You can build a simple Excel style lists where you can add and store records. What is displayed on the list depends on what information you would like to view. You can design the view in your preferred way.

Client card

On the client card, you can access all gathered data about the client. You can decide what data you want to collect and add/remove as many fields in the form you want.

Multiple and shared lists

You can create as many lists as you want and will have the option to share them with as many people as you want to improve the information exchange in your company.


You can integrate the list with external services. Add system you already using to release the potential of Clientlist in your hands.

Additional modules

Clientlist offers 20 more modules that are designed for your specific business needs.

Not as damn as you think

If you need more than a list, why not upgrade it with modules?

Customized data

Store customized clients data on a client card, build your own form that fits your company perfectly.


Add sales to your clients, create sales funnels, keep track on the progress and tasks that need to be done.


Generate aesthetically pleasing invoices for your clients, automate the recurrent invoicing process and connect invoices to your sales.


Store files in a safe and protected place, share files between people and attach files to client cards.


Create tasks on the client cards, add deadline and information about the responsible person. Get emails with notifications!


Add events to the client calendar. Keep track of all the meetings and events.


Build projects attached to clients. Define the GANTT process with deadlines. Involve your people on different levels.


Collect information about your client's assets, describe it in details like a serial number or expiration date. Be informed when the asset is expiring.


Build metrics around your client that will help you to build reports about clients. Connect metrics with your website with the use of an API.


Use a simple support system that will help to collect clients question and answer them by you and your team. Add a support system to your website.


Build a detailed list of equipment around your client. For example, a rented house with furniture inside that is needed.

IoT Diagnostic

Build an automated diagnostic system of the devices that your client own. Check the failures of the devices and react promptly when something goes wrong.


Send manual or automatic SMS and EMAIL messages to your clients when you need to inform them about something like improvements of the companies services

Client Panel

Build a dedicated client panel where the client can log in and receive access to collected information. Build your own system with your logotype and name.

API and Excel

Import and Export data however you want. Use Excel file or our powerful API to add clients from your Form, Website or System.


Add webhooks to automatically transfer added data to your external systems. Integrate it in a brand new way.

Internal Chat

Use internal chat service where you can communicate with people that use and share the lists. Improve the overall communication process in the data management system.

External forms

Create an external form to automatically add data to your lists. Use it for generating interest over your product and services.

Invite other people to your lists

Our lists are designed to be managed by more than one person. You can invite as many people as you want to a single list making it a perfect collaboration tool for your team! You can access the built-in communication system, you can not only work with the data but also exchange information in real time!


Business clients

Designed to fit all you need on single card, no distractions, no tabs, just data. It's damn quick to read and very functional.

Designed for different industries

Service providers

Keep an accurate record of all clients interested in your services. Control follow-up, recurring payments, and invoices!

Products distributors

Create potential clients records and convert them into real clients with the use of a sales and prospect funnel.

Digital Agencies

Keep track of your clients. Create sales funnels and connect them with projects and tasks, assign tasks to a specific team member

Financial services

You can gain information about offers send to clients and planned meetings. Create sales funnels and analyze your prospects.

Legal services

Build clients card with cases inside, collect documents and keep track on the current billing period.

Real estate

Collect clients data with a record of offered estates, keep control over the documents. Invoice the clients direct or create an invoice.

Rental companies

Add clients with a record of rented assets. Add : Add all furniture (fitted and non-fitted), and electricals that are included in the rental property.

Hardware Companies

Add clients and equipment register. Use our diagnostic module to keep a track record of the IoT device status.

Insurence providers

Keep track of all clients that hold your insurance. Keep control over the recurring periods and automatically invoice for renewals.


Keep track of all investors and including their assets. You can remain in control of the assets that are purchased for the investors.

Events owners

Create a list of people who are interested in attending your events, keep informing interested people about keep informing the interested individuals about upcoming events.

Pricing plans


  • up to 20 clients
  • up to 2 users
  • up to 5MB storage



  • up to 250 clients
  • up to 5 users
  • up to 100MB storage



  • up to 2000 clients
  • up to 10 users
  • up to 1GB storage



  • Your client limit
  • Your user limit
  • Your storage limit

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