Customize your client card!

We have modules to help you in many areas of your business!

Client details

You can expand information about your cliens using detailed description. No mandatory fields in general, use it just like in excel!

Customized fields

You can create as many fields as you want. We have many different types of fields. You can design your own database!


If you need to keep a record of service or product your client bought, this is the right module for you. You can add as many entries as you like. You can also set value and expiration date if you need to know that to offer client continuation of your services.


Every client has a history, if you need to keep notes about things that happen with your client, you can use this module. It's very helpful, especially if you work with your team! You can share experiences and important information.


You can create as many categories as you like and assign clients to different groups. This will help you to understand the client type and quickly filter them on your list, using one simple click.


Working with clients, sometimes you need to arrange a meeting or callback. There are also many dates you need to remember, working with client. That's why we're giving you a simple Calendar, so you can track all important dates.


You can organize your client folder by adding files to your client card, such as invoices, contracts, and specification. This is also very helpful if you work with other team members.

Sales Pipeline

If you need to track sales in your client cards, we designed an easy module that will help you to manage that. You can list all sales to clients with all important details in a to-do list. So you always know where you are and what needs to be done. You can also find a sales pipeline for all your client lists.


Clients always have questions and problems that need your reaction. That's why you can use a simple support module. You can easily communicate with your client and track progress of a problem solving process. You will be surprised how easy it is!


Get rid of your existing complicated Invoicing system and use an invoicing system added to damnlist. It allows you to generate PDFs that can be sent to clients. It can also control your payments and notify client about the payment deadline. It's simple, but powerful.

Client panel!

You want to keep your client login and password in a place where he can check his files, contracts, check contact details, ask you a question, or acquire a new product? The client panel module is just for you. It's a special place where your client log in and work with you!


Add metrics to your client and keep stats you need. Update it manually or use our API to integrate it with your system. Metrics are also equiped with Kohort so you can analyze number in a deeper sens!

To-do list

Add task to to-do list of your client. Keep infromation about the deadlines and assigned people.

Project management

Create a gantt chart for your client project on a simple calendar. Add reminders and responsible person to help them react and manage the client needs

Phone numbers

Buy a phone number from 50 countries and forwad it to your existing phone. All details about the calls will be attached to a client card


Integrate damnlist with software you're using daily! We have a lot of integration possibilities

Sms marketing

If you need to inform a client, group, or a full list about something, you can use our simple SMS system. We designed it to be extremely easy. Just click a button and write what you want to send, and that's it.

Email marketing

If you need to send client instructions and you don't want to copy/paste the email address to your email program, just click a button and send it! You can use the email service to send messages to a single client, group, or full list.

Equipment evidence

If you need to keep evidence about client equipment, you can use our evidence module. It allows you to keep track of all devices in your client’s hands, including a detailed description. You can discuss the device with your team members or add notes if something is not right. It's very useful for companies that need to manage warranties and returns

IoT and server diagnostic

The diagnostic module allows you to monitor if your devices or websites are ok. It can also connect to other systems and read value from the source. So you can download any value from the script from your website or IoT device. For example, you can check if your client website is working or read current license status, you can also read a lot of things from your IoT devices.