Upgrade your account if you need more clients, users, storage or modules

Basic plan

$8 / month

  • 250 clients limit
  • 5 users list limit
  • 100MB Storage

Premium plan

$25 / month

  • 2000 clients limit
  • 10 users list limit
  • 1GB Storage

Your plan

Email us

  • Your clients limit
  • Your users list limit
  • Your Storage limit

Frequently asked questions

Where's the catch?

There's no catch. You are surrounded with all CRM services that want a lot of money, giving you a lot of unnecessary functionalities. This type of software should be free for every entrepreneur when they start and grow.

So you will not force me to upgrade?

No! We will not force you to anything and will not give you trial or other bullshit to force you to pay. You upgrade when you feel it is time to do that, when your business grows enough to spend that extra $5 on things we're giving you.

How many users can work with my damn client list?

There's no limit for that. You can work in large groups, also. Invitation is simple; just enter the email address of people you want to invite to your list.

SMS and Email why they are paid?

As you probably know, sending SMS and email in a professional way costs money. That's why it's in the paid plan. We're giving you a free service, but when we need to pay for your special actions, you need to participate. We're fair with you, so you need to be fair with us :)

What if I want more disk space?

Not a problem! Contact us and we will talk about a monthly plan that fit your needs. We can deliver as many Terabytes as you want for a reasonable price.

What if I want this to work on my server?

No problemo! Contact us and we will talk about a standalone version for your business.